Ugg Slippers

  1. Do any of you have slippers to wear around the house? I have 2 pairs of Ugg boots & decided I wanted a pair of slippers as well. I bought the orchid pair from the Fluff Scuff line, but now I think I really want a lighter pink color.:shame:
    When I went online to look at them I saw that the orchid is the only pink they have...but earlier this year there was a baby pink color as well. Did they stop making them in that color?
  2. I have 5 pairs of classic shorts and 1 pair of slippers - the coquettes - and I LOVE them. I have them in sand:

    They're a more rugged slipper to run out in for errands if you must, or pick up a kids friend, etc. My bf has 2 pairs of slippers:
    and these:

    He loves the second ones the most - and they have equivalents in womens :smile:
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