Ugg Sheepskin Water and Stain Repellent

  1. Do you guys know if I can still apply this to my Uggs (Short Classic Black)even if I worn them already?

    I've also worn them like 1 or 2 times out in the rain already. I didn't know they shouldn't get wet. =[ Will the repellent still work even if I wore them?

    I've already ordered them, because I'm going to be receiving a new pair of Uggs(Short Classic Beige?).

    Does the color of the uggs matter much? And how much should I apply?

    TIA :heart::yes:
  2. hmm I would *think* that you could still apply, although im not sure if it will work since theyve already been in the rain. but i would still do it just in case...

    I used a regular suede protectant and it made my uggs a TAD bit darker, but they look fine!
  3. Hrm. Cause my boss said that if I apply it, everything that is already dirty on my uggs will be permanent. I've read though that I can still apply even if it's worn. So I don't know whats true
  4. i would spray still. to prevent it from getting any dirtier.
  5. You could use the Ugg cleaner first, to even out any stains or dirt. Then, when they are dry, use the water and stain repellent. That stuff really works well, especially if you do a few light coats, letting dry in between. Also, you can use a suede brush to fluff up the nap a bit afterwards.