Ugg Scuffette

  1. I'd like to buy a pair for my mom on sale but they only have size 5 and she wears a 5.5/6--do the Scuffettes run true to size and if so, do you think a 5 would be comfortable bc of the sheepskin?
  2. The ugg boots run big. I wear a 10 and buy a size 9. I think that size will probably be fine!
  3. thanks Roo! does anyone else know before I buy?
  4. i wear a 6 in normal shoes and i wear size 5 in uggs. you should go one size below what she wears! i lovvvve my UGGs!! get yourself a pair too lol :smile:
  5. Uggs. Fluffy sheepy boots of pillowy comfort. You neeeed a pair :yes:
  6. From what I hear-all UGGS run big. I plan on buying a pair and I wear an 8-I have been told to buy a 7
  7. I'm a size 8.5 in other shoes and a size 7 in Ugg boots, but I don't know what Scuffettes are (?) and if they're the same. I think they all run big though :yes:
  8. UGGs make us bigfoots feel better
  9. I wear 9s in everything including my uggs...
  10. scuffettes don't run as big as the boots. i take a 6 in the boots and a 7 in the slippers. hope that helps! :yes: oh and i'm a 7.5 in non-uggs
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