ugg question!!

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  1. I just got these uggs and wanted to know what everyone thinks? And if anyone owns them and if they are comfortable. Thank you
  2. They're very cute! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I don't have any like that, although I do have some LFA Tibetan Ugg Bots with faux fur and I looooove them! :biggrin:

    Hopefully yours will be as comfortable as mine. :yes:
  3. I don't have that pair, but I love my UGGs. These will be your best friends in these trying cold times.
  4. I was considering that pair as well since the original talls are sold out, post a pic wearing them if you can. Comfort... I am so sure they will be yummy for your feet.
  5. Those are so adorable, are they real fur?
  6. I dont like them as much as the plain UGGS but they sure look warm
  7. Those are cute, but for me I try not to do lug sole. I have Coach boots with fur on the outside but all my Uggs are regular. BTW...I:heart: Uggs.
  8. They're really cute. I think you'll be happy with them. I wish I'd seen that style before I bought mine.