UGG Paisley

  1. I just ordered these. Hey, if I'm going to get another pair of Ugg(ly)s, I might as well try to make them pretty ones. lol I thought these were cute!!! They also have them in gray.
    ugg 467x350.jpg
  2. i saw the paisley print in a magazine last week and fell in love! congrats!!!
  3. Thanks, here are the gray.
    uggs 467x350.jpg
  4. oh i like the gray too. i just decided i'm going to order a pair but i can't decide what color... i may get the gray since i have the khaki regular ugg boots already... where did you order yours from? directly from ugg's website?
  5. I got my Sand from They are readily available. They had the Gray too, last week, but now are all sold out. If you go on, you can preorder them, because they too are sold out until November. I think the Gray are adorable and I am thinking about ordering them through too. I have the regular Sand ones too, but I couldn't resist the Paisley!
  6. Oh, they're lovely! :heart::heart::heart:

    Love the pattern! :tup:

    Congrats! :biggrin:
  7. They're cute, but I'd be afraid that they'd get messed up
  8. Those are sooooo cute.
  9. very very cute!:yes:
  10. I've always wanted a pair of Uggs because they look so warm and comfortable. I just can't bring myself to buy a pair because I don't like that they're made with suede. I've seen how damaged they get during winter. I know this is off topic, but do they make any Uggs with water resistant/proof leather?

    PS I think that print is adorable!
  11. No, but there is weather proofing spray that works very well. I've had mine for 2 years and they still look fine.
  12. Aren't they sheepskin??? I have a pair that I've had for a few years, that I've put through h*ll (inlcuding being outside in Florida hurricane weather), and they still look just fine. =)
  13. I got the gray paisley last month and I wear them a lot. I get tons of compliments and think they are my prettiest pair :tender:
  14. I already have my credit card whipped tempted to buy them...but none of the stores have the paisley print I cant decide which color I wanna get. they're both equally cute..I dont have a tan colored one yet....but the gray is pretty too!!!!!
  15. very nice. I really like the wahine ugg. me wants!!