Ugg Leg Warmers?

  1. I received the new Bloomies catalog and saw these cute leg warmers. Turns out they are not available anywhere, but does anyone else think they're cute with Uggs and skinnies? (I think I can do without the rest of the accessories).

  2. they get my vote i would love to find a similar pair to buy
  3. Will they ever be available anywhere?? They're really cute. = )
  4. i'd like them if they were shorter... looks like how hookers in Alaska would keep warm on the corner.
  5. They are very cute but they remind me so much of the 1980s ... I am not sure I can go back to those days :confused1:
  6. quite cute, but I couldn't pull them off. You need really skinny legs to avoid a bulky effect.
  7. ^^ITA. I think it looks so cute but you have to have very skinny legs. I can't pull that off. It sucks that they have it on the model but don't offer it for sale. UGH!
  8. Definitely has an 80s look to it. Im not a fan because why would you wear them over jeans?
  9. OMG these are soooo cute !
  10. CUTE!! they definitely win my vote! I love wearing myuggs with skinny jeans.
  11. Cute, but I still find legwarmers over any type of jeans, unless they're SUPER skinny and dark wash, odd-looking. Maybe with leggings...
  12. The combination of the leg warmers, arm warmers, scarf and earmuffs is waaaaay too much but I think the legwarmers are cute if you can pull it off.
  13. very cute, wish they actually sold them
  14. if anyone finds them please let us know! I really want them now.