UGG flip flops.. with sheepskin :(

  1. I just went on Nordstrom's website and looked under the ugg section. They have the Spring 2008 Trunk Show collection. One of the shoes is a flip flop with a sheep skin sole.

    I thought the point of the sheep skin was to keep your feet warm... This looks like a disaster! Think about how disgusting these are gonna get :sad:
  2. Urgh....sweaty summer feet and street dirt.....:throwup:
  3. Actually sheepskin is able to keep you equally cool in the summer by wicking away moisture. Because it is a natural fiber it also retard bacteria. Your feet are actually breathing because the style is open.

  4. lol, interesting. Don't think I'm gonna get a pair though.
  5. I'm inclined to disagree which is why I now wear socks with my Uggs. My feet sweat in them!
  6. ...those look so weird LOL
  7. I bet they're super comfy, but still - no thanks.

  8. I actually don't wear socks with my Uggs because I had the same problem. I also have sheepskin seat covers in my SUV. I live in Chicago so the weather is frigid now but it will hunid and hot in the summer. Never had a problem w/ being too hot. Just my observation of course......
  9. ^^^ Maybe I'm just too hot footed! :roflmfao:
  10. I definetly expected something worse from the name of the thread. :upsidedown:
  11. Great, two of Australia's daggiest, most casual shoes combined into one that people will probably actually wear in public.
  12. ^^^ :roflmfao:
  13. aside from their classic boots made for winter, i dont care or bother to look at what else UGG has to offer.
  14. I don't know about this... stinky Uggs are a common problem.

    The flip flops look comfy, but I think I'll stick to rubber ones.