ugg emergency!

  1. ok , so i ruined my new uggs!!
    i went to school today and i forgot that they put black grease on the back of the escalator step and i got an entire black smugde on the front of the left shoe!!!:cursing:

    so i got back to my bf;s house and she was like oh dont worry bout it.. i know this girl who used windex to get it out..

    please dont judge me ! i was desperate!:shrugs:

    .. so now i have a huge "wet" mark on the shoe.. and it doesnt seem to dry.. i already put it out on the balcony and now on top the heater.

    bottom line.. (lol).. im very upset and i need to order a new pair of uggs like ..right now.. and they seem to be sold out EVERYWHERE.. if any1 knows any websites please.. let me know
  2. Did you at least get the stain out? If it's just the "wet" look and it won't change, I'd mist the whole shoe (and the other, too) so that it's all "wet" so it'd at least be uniform. Don't let the windex set too long as the chemicals might be eating away at the shoe.
  3. i just took a tshirt and wet it and started scrubbing the windex out. I am such a moron... ill see what happens when it dries
  4. Sorry about what happened to your Uggs. I am heading over to the local Sports Chalet to pick up a pair of Classic Short that they put on hold for me. If you have one close to you, try calling them. The folks at the one close to our house are very nice and told me when they get new shipments in. I called this morning and they got a few pairs in. Good luck!
  5. If it's grease, use dish soap (i.e., "Dawn takes grease out of your way" real dish-washing soap NOT dishwasher soap ... QWIM???). I spilled leftover Chinese General Tso chicken all over my brand-new sand Uggs a few years ago and you'd never know. I also got the stomach flu ('nuff said) all over my baby pink Uggs and I used dish soap and they are perfect. Good luck!!
  6. I know a girl who throws her uggs in the washing machine.
  7. Nordstrom just got a new shipment of ugg classic.
  8. yeah, but it ships on 4/29
  9. Hi, I found these links in a different blog:

    chocolate: size 7 and 8:

    sand: size 6, 7 and 8:

    ultra tall chestnut: size 7, 8, 9 and 10:
  10. I think most places are backordered for a looooong time. :yes:

    The best place is probably
  11. That's right! is the best website to find every Ugg under the sun.
  12. good luck!! maybe as purly already said, you could try putting them in the washing machine?? :shrugs:

  13. has the classics in sand in every color. just got mine in the mail two days ago in size 9.

    To the OP: I wouldn't worry about it much, i believe that there are Ugg cleaners you should check out.