Ugg discount codes?

  1. Winter has arrived and I need a few new pairs of Uggs. Does anyone have any codes for any stores that sell Uggs? thanks in advance!

  2. Hi - if you don't mind older styles - I have noticed several styles at Nordstrom Rack - for really good prices.

    Good luck!
  3. has (or had, i don't know if it expired yet) a code for 25% off....use luckybreaks7.
  4. ^^ the above code is still working and can be applied to Ugg.
  5. Yes, the code for works for my UGG order.
  6. ummm...
    I was about to purchase it from Shopbop because I couldn't find it on sale or anything anywhere else. SCOREEE!!!
    THanks for posting this :biggrin:DD
  7. Thanks so much! I got the crocheted boots and the color was on sale, used the coupon code and got them for only 63!!!! Thanks!
  8. nice, I am going to check it out. thanks everyone.
  9. Oooooh I need a 95% off code to get the ones I want, the Locarnos - they are $225 before discount! But they are so cute! And I live in Chicago, so they are necessary, but hubby won't see it like that...
  10. Just placed an order for 3 pairs of uggs with the 25% off code. yes can't wait to receive them.
  11. Oh, THANK YOU for that code!! My size in Uggs is 4 Kids, so I get them for even cheaper because I can get kids sizes, and with the coupon and free shipping....what a STEAL! :smile:
  12. does anyone know when the discount ends?
  13. thanks for the codes!
    does anyone know how to convert women size 6 to kid's size? i want the classic short uggs but they don't have my size =[ are there any difference between the classic short for women and classic short for kids?
    thanks soo much
  14. Hi! I wear a size 6 womens (for most shoes, 5.5 for those that run big) and the size 3 Youth in Uggs fit well. :tup:
  15. thanks so much for the advice :yahoo: