Ugg Dakota Moccassins...what color to get?

  1. Should I get the coffee (dark brown), chestnut (saddle) or tobacco (sand)?
    I can't decide lol
  2. Have you got a picture?
  3. I like the coffee... They're expensive, I hope you're getting a deal!
  4. I went for the tobacco....DD2 has the coffee, DD3 has the tobacco (I have the chestnut boots). I thought the tobacco would be a nice lighter color. My mom gave me $ for Christmas that I was saving for these when they came back in stock :smile:
  5. I cant see a pic.
  6. I have the dark brown ones with the light blue laces. I didn't like the light blue laces with jeans, which is when I wear them, so I went to Wal-Mart and bought brown suede laces and replaced them. It took a little work to get them through the holes but I think they look a lot nicer and not as slipper-like. I wear them ALL the time, they are super comfortable and really warm. I was worried about being cold with no socks on since they are low but my feet stay warm even when its really cold here.
  7. I thought they WERE slippers :confused1: