ugg crochet

  1. do ugg crochet boots have sheep fur through the whole boot??
    does anyone have them??

    do you like them?

    thank you
  2. i bought a pair in october in the black.
    the sheep fur is only on the sole part.
    i actually like them cause it think they're quite cute. i get a lot of compliments when i wear them.
    also surprisingly, while it's snowed quite a bit and the streets have been slushy, no water has gotten into the boots yet, which is a plus. :smile: dunno how long that will last though.
  3. I saw them on Nichole Richie, and thought they looked cute :flowers:
  4. sophie rose, I dont know why I cant PM the pics of them so I found your thread hope you can see them
    forum pics 233.jpg forum pics 237.jpg
  5. forum pics 232.jpg forum pics 238.jpg forum pics 236.jpg
  6. My 12 year old has them in brown, and she adores them! The leg part is just knitted, with the fur on the foot part :smile:

    They are true to size, unlike the sheepskin which I find always comes up rather large :smile:
  7. thay look so cute on!!!!!!!!!