UGG copy?!

  1. I was looking at Urban Outfitters and saw this:


    Look at how similar it is to the Ugg Dakota slipper!

    I feel so cheated because I asked for the Dakotas for my birthday and got them!:yahoo: But then these look very similar! :push: And they are not cheap slippers...Does anyone else feel angry when you buy shoes and then see "inspired" versions???
  2. From the pictures, it's pretty clear the Dakota is better made, so enjoy them! And tons of companies make shearling moccasins, boots, etc, so I dunno if they'd fall into the same category of "inspired" looks.
  3. UGG didn't invent that design. It isn't unique. My mom has a pair of shoes like that from the 80s way before UGG ever got popular.

    Don't feel bad that there are other shoes like yours. You have the UGG brand, which is what you wanted, so the fact that there are similar shoes out there shouldn't affect how you feel about it.
  4. ^ I agree. My dad had slippers in this style when I was a baby (30+ years ago), and they have always been sold by Cabela's and other places. Moccasins are a timeless design and really cannot be copied.
  5. Those are called mocassins, like chicbabacool said, Ugg did not invent the mocassin. They're a shoe that has evolved from original Native American design into the modern mocassin house slipper and loafer.

    But, Urban Outfitters does sell fake bags.
  6. I've seen these types of mocassins for years, shearling and all. Totally don't understand where you are coming from. I think getting caught up in "branding" is expensive ;)