Ugg Codes

  1. What are some codes from stores that have Uggs? Like, for price and code matching on Zappos, what are some codes from other online stores that sell Uggs?

    I remember, (I believe) that luckybreaks25 was one....Im pretty sure it was that....

    Are there any more?:smile:
  2. bloomingdales has FF event now 20% off
    12% off $100 or more for regularly priced items at Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Not valid on previous purchases or th...
  4. Shopbop is having a sale now and they sell uggs. it's $25 off $150, $50 off $300 and so forth. the code is GETAJUMP.
  5. has them for 20% off

    Use code: Fall Holiday

    expires 11.30.07

    free shipping (in US)!!

    (dang, just sold my sand ones on eBay to get chestnut and now all I can find in my size is sand - UGH!!)
  6. Cool Thanks! I just ordered some Black Uggs from Berkstore and the code work like a charm.
  7. I have been looking and everyone is very low in their Ugg Inventory!
  8. the ugg mini's run a size smaller than the other uggs. I normally take a 7 in a shoe, I took a 6 in the ugg sundance, and I tried on the mini and the 6 was too big, I had to get a 5. Maybe if they dont have your size in something you may be able to go a size down further.
  9. Also, consider kid's sizes!!

    I have a pair of Chestnut Tall's in 6 and a children's 4 also works. If you're an 8, you can order a children's 6. The basic rule is to order 2 sizes down than your woman's size in a children's size.

    Wierd, I know..but it works and saves some money!
  10. SO......if your a 9.5/10, get a 8 in kids?
  11. ^What I've noticed about the difference about Kids' Uggs and Adult ones are that the kids top part are a looser fit. I normally wear a 6.5 , but fit 6 in women's uggs, and 5 in kids.
  12. ^^I'm a 6.5, but I wear 6 in women's Uggs and 5 in kids.
  13. hey wantmore! ;)

    hmmm, I've never even thought to try on kids uggs. I usually get boys shell toe adidas cuz they are usually about $10 cheaper. Hmm do you guys find that the kids classic tall uggs are shorter in height than the adults??
  14. FYI, berkstore only has sizes 8,9,10 left in women's classic tall and classic short in sand, chocolate, black and chestnut. So if you're smaller, don't bother..........bummer!!

    Shopbop only has sand left in classic tall in 5,6,7

    oh and the upside boots run normally I am an 8/8.5 and I wear a 7 in uggs. Well in the upside I wear an 8.
  15. I think the kids only go to a 6