Ugg Classic Cardy

  1. I was wondering if anyone has purchased the Ugg Classic Cady Boot that was sort of like the ones on Oprah's favorite things? If so, can someone upload pics. I want to see what they look like on someone before I order a pair (or back order as the case may be ;)) THANKS!
  2. i don't have the boots, but have been thinking about getting a pair too, would love to see photo's!
  3. I'd love to see them on, too! I preordered mine from Nordstrom, but don't get them till February! ArGGGHHH!
  4. These boots are now completely sold out, and backordered until SUMMER 2008!!!
  5. ^ I saw that! Who is going to need Uggs in the summer when they finally come in? I guess people will just save them until winter. Lots of the Uggs are backordered until at least February. I checked eBay and they're going for WAY over retail! Crazy...
  6. I want these too. I just checked ugg's site and they said march 2008 for my size. I ordered them and I'm hoping they will come before then. Here is a pic I found on the site. I just love the buttons. Too cute.
  7. i lucked out a got a pair in Black at Bloomies yesterday!! i will take pics soon so you can see ..they still had a couple sizes the oatmeal and black :tup:
  8. ^^ lucky you!

  9. I just got a gray pair at David Z. tonight.
  10. you guys are soooo lucky! I can't find them anywhere! I guess I have to wait till my preorder comes in :crybaby:
  11. Are these sized the same as the classic uggs?

    I'm liking these a lot more, the buttons are super cute!
  12. i asked the customer service team on their offical website and they stated they run just like the classic crochets. they run true to size, not like the classic uggs that run big. hope this helps!
  13. they fit a bit tighter than my classic ones.
  14. I got a pair of black at Journey's!