Ugg Cardy Protectant/Repellent

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  1. Snow is coming! And I just bought a pair of Cardys. So I know they don't need as much maintenance as classic Uggs b/c they're not all suede. Still, I want to protect the small bit that is suede or find out if there's any other maintenance I need to do on them before snow hits...tonight! Don't have much time to get to the mall to buy Ugg protectant, but there is a shoe store near by, where I'm sure I can get a general suede/leather treatment or water repellent. Can I just use that?
  2. There are several of us that are wondering the same to protect our Ugg Cardys.. Can they be thrown in the washing machine if they get dirty? Anyone wear theirs in the snow or do you save them for precipitation free days only?
  3. I don't wear my Ugg Cardy's in the snow, I have an old pair of Uggs (classic tall) that I use for running around in the snow & slush. I would NOT throw them in the wash, the fabric part is a wool blend. Here is the phone number from their website 1.888.432.8530. I would suggest calling and see what they recommend.