UGG CARDY BOOTS Advice needed!!

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  1. Hi everyone I really want to get a pair of UGG Cardy boots in either black or grey.

    I am so confused with the sizing and I have been reading up in past threads that you should go for a size smaller as they stretch a lot. Is this true? What is everyone's experience so far?

    Have you had to go a whole size smaller and have they stretched enough to be comfortable and those that got cardys in their usual size did they find that they stretched too much and became loose?

    I have also seen them on a website that seems to be selling UGG Cardy boots from china.. they are a lot cheaper on there so might be able to afford two pairs this way but again have read somewhere that they are true to size when theyre chinese/fake but are loose and they do stretch if they are the real deal:shrugs:

    Advice please!?
  2. All of my Uggs are 1 size down from my normal size. I wear a US 10 and a buy size 9 in Uggs. They're meant to be worn without socks and you want a snug fit at first.

    I wouldn't buy fakes. Ugg makes great quality products and they stand by them.
  3. Uggs tend to run big. Get a size down, especially with the Cardys.
  4. I don't know about the Cardys personally, but I own 3 pairs of Uggs, all from different seasons, and they are all 7s. I wear an 8 US normally. Uggs are made to be worn without socks thus the need to size down (not to mention they are made a little big).
  5. I too really want a pair fof candy's so thanks for posting!!!
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    I have the black cardy and Classic Uggs and i wear a 9.5. With both those style i have to wear a 9 in. You definitely want to go a size smaller I would think. The Cardy is not a very tight fitting boot. I think it was made to be slouchy but with that being said, you could put them over your jeans and easily wear them up (you would probably have to have skinny/straight jeans to get the look right.

    I would stay away from the fake's. The expensive ones are expensive for a reason (made better) and will probably hold up a lot longer. If you are going to spend that type of money, get something that will hold up. I had a pair of Sand Classics for 4 years and there were tons of years left to wear in them. My cousin wanted a pair so bad and I gave them to her. If you take care of them, they will last a long long time.

    The cardy are so cute. You will love them. I think they will be perfect for the Fall and Winter. Good luck!

    One last thing: Just to let you know they will be slippery in the heel. The boot doesn't hold the heel down or tight. They feel fine and I can't tell when I walk. Just wanted to let you know, so when you try it on you aren't surprised by this.
  7. Youre supposed to wear uggs without socks? Really?!Cool! Do your feet not get all sweaty?
  8. Nope, not too badly!! You're supposed to wear them without socks because the sole forms to your foot so they fit better. Not to mention the lining is super comfy!!
  9. I wear a 9.5 but in Uggs it's a 9. I LOVE my gray cardi's!
  10. i would go down a size for the ugg cardy. i'm not sure about how much they stretch, but uggs just run big in general. i really liked the grey one but unfortunately they don't make any that are small enough for me:sad:
  11. size down once, I want the cardy too but they looked awkward on me :sad:
  12. yup I agree with all who posted. I have ugg Cardys and got a 7... I am normally a 7.5/8 max.
  13. I thought the same too lol.

    I don't own any uggs but I'm eyeing the grey cardi for this winter.

  14. even though youre supposed to not wear socks, i wear them with my uggs. i think they are more comfortable that way! definitely size down!
  15. I got the Ugg Cardy's last year in my normal Ugg size (7...normal shoe size 8.5) and they did NOT run the way regular uggs run! I would have needed an 8. You might try them in a store before you order so you can tell better.