UGG Broome Suede Boots black $74.92@SAKS

  1. Got em' thanks! :yahoo:
  2. Awesome deal! Does anyone know if they run true to size?
  3. It's gone...
  4. No, still lots left!
  5. Thank you!

    Anyone have these and know how they fit? I know you're generally supposed to size down one size in UGGs but these look more like normal boots so I got the small end of my usual size. Hope this works out.

    Thank you for the tip!
  6. Okay - checked out the reviews on Zappos and it sounds like they do run true to size, so I snagged a pair in my normal size. Thanks for the link - I've been looking for flat boots for a while now and these will fit the bill nicely! :smile:
  7. I did a chat with Saks CS, she told me they run true to size, I do have 2 other pairs of uggs that i had to get 1 size down. Anyways, I just placed an order in my normal size.
  8. thanks you! got a pair, not sure i will like them, missed the Ugg Heritage Suede Boots deal
  9. Thanks girls! I got my regular size too. Hopefully they will fit!
  10. I just bought another pair from Zappos, total $66.92 after PM.:nuts: Its going to my sister, hope she'll like it.
  11. All gone :sad:. Congrats to all that got a pair.
  12. It's still available in many sizes.
  13. Cute, I got them too! Can't wait, thanks for the heads up!!