UGG BOOTS - what they cost around the world !!

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  1. Hey at all
    I looove UGG Boots since years ! I want the classic black in short. But they are soo expensive in Germany. 220 euros ..
    I know in Australia and in the USA they are really cheap for around 140 dollars.
    whats about the rest?
    I will fly to Paris around december. I would like to know how much they cost there .. does anyone know??

    thanks a lot for your help !!:smile:
  2. UK are expensive, around 150 to 170 pounds per pair, so I expect France would be comparable to this :smile:
  3. Belgium : 200 euro's and more
  4. why are they so expensive in europe? thats so unfair :cry:
  5. holy cow!! so expensive in europe...:faint:
  6. Can you try finding them on Ebay??
  7. Yes, this is true... :Push:
  8. if ur lucky and fit in kids size, bu i doubt you fit in it? the short ones are usually in sold in warehouses around 140/150EU. the tall ones are 190+ for where i live
  9. same for Turkey

  10. I think paris was around 180 euros as well...
  11. And that's just for the regular ones, they go up to 350!
  12. ^Ridiculous! I was so lucky I found my second pair on sale at Makro for €179 last year. And even that is still expensive, LOL!
  13. i would def. give eBay a shot if you really wanted some