Ugg boots for $89

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  1. Its a shame they don't give the names of the boots - then you could get Zappos etc to price match....

    It does seem strange that the are so well stocked up on sizes - when I hunted around a couple of weeks ago - so many places were out of stock until spring..

    Hopefully someone will come along who has experience with them - great find if it works....
  2. I'm tempted to buy a pair but I want to wait until someone post they have shopped there. I wonder if you print the page and take to Nordies if they will price match?
  3. It seems strange that they have uggs that are sold out everywhere. Plus I don't trust any sites that don't list any address under contacts.
  4. I'm sure its worth a phone call to Zappos/online shoes etc if you find a pair that looks the same on their sites.

    Do Nordies have them in stock in stores? Have you looked on their website - they are seriously out of stock....
  5. I don't know if I would trust this site. In one of the pix, if you look on the box there is a sticker that says "Australia" and I was reading a guide on eBay on how to spot fake Uggs and it says they claim to be made in New Zealand or Australia that they are fake. Ugg Australia has been making their boots in CHina for the past 2 years. Also, I have a pair of the pewter Uggs and they did not come in a blue box like the pix show. So I would be careful.
  6. Yep- definitely fake. Just check out the "Gucci" and "LV" shoes they also have for $70 :p
  7. I think they're fake. If you look at other things the site sells, everything looks fake. The clothes, including True Religions, Armani, etc. all look counterfeit, so I would say the shoes are too. Plus, I couldn't find them on the BBB so I wouldn't order from them.
  8. No styles name?? I mean they are FAKE, FAKE, FAKE.
  9. FAKE! Stay away from it!
  10. Thanks Ladies. I'm so glad we have this forum
  11. If you're unsure about authenticity, you can always call zappos to try to have them price match. If the site is unauthentic, zappos will tell you "We don't price match to that site because it sells fakes." That site seems definitely fake.
  12. Ah good to know. I had a feeling that Uggs had changed over the years but I wasn't sure. Thanks for the info.
  13. Seeing as to how they misspelled 'my account' as 'my accont'... That made me laugh. :roflmfao:


    But I have to admit I was slightly excited for a second at such a good deal.
  14. I'm sure this site sells all the "FAKE"!! Be very careful!
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