UGG boots causing, cancer, infertility etc........

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  1. I was told today that someone had read that UGG boots can cause cancer. As my daughter has 4 pairs I looked it up on the internet. I found this very disturbing article & thought you should read it & make up your own minds. I will certainly be discouraging my daughter from wearing them in future. I suppose this applies to everything lined with sheepskin.;f=35;t=001863

    A 16 year old varsity cheerleader went boating with some friends one
    Sunday, wearing her favorite pair of Ugg boots. During the trip she
    started feeling woozy, and said that she needed to sit down. An hour
    later, she began projectile vomiting. Six hours later, she died.

    The autopsy revealed that she had acquired cancer though repeated and
    lengthy exposure to Vinyl chloride, a toxic chemical, which is designed to
    kill parasites contained in sheep's wool.When exposed to heat and
    moisture, it can absorb into the skin and can lead to dizziness, fainting,
    vomiting, and in rare cases, death. The woman had unknowingly absorbed a
    lethal amount of this chemical through the the soles of her feet. She was
    an avid fan of Uggs, and had tackily (and tragically) decided to wear her
    pair of Australia "Uptown II" boots everyday for six months straight. The
    cute, sporty shoes that she always said would "get her laid", eventually
    did....6 feet under the ground! Friends and family could only stand by
    helplessly as the cancer ravaged her frail, yet popular, body!

    A study at NYCU has shown that the majority of shoes that contain sheeps
    wool, such as Uggs, are full of germs and bacteria, which require them to
    be rountinely treated with Vinyl chloride. Vinyl chloride is a dangerous,
    cancer causing chemical which can lead to weight gain and infertility at
    even small doses.
  2. Um snopes is a website for urban legends! Duh!

    Not true but thanks for the laugh.
  3. Well, she worn them for everyday for six months straight, enought to time to get exposed to anything dangerous, like PVC water bottles we drink from too can kill us. Pesticides from fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.

    Anywho, i am happy is not true.
  4. Do you know how many women have been wearing uggs for YEARS, if this was true everyone would be dropping like flies.
  5. Yeah, I'm on my 4th pair, and I KNOW when I got my first pair a few Christmases ago, I wore those things every single day from December to April.....

    I'm glad it's not true.
  6. not my uggs lol thats a nutty article
  7. Seriously Selena:

    1. I didn't know what snopes was

    2. Someone I know told me that she read about it in a newspaper, this was the only reference I could find to it on the net.

    Sorry if I mislead anyone Please feel free to close the thread if you think it is wrong information.

    I would actually be very glad to know that it was wrong as my daughter wears them so often.
    I was worried that's why I looked it up.

    If anyone can get any genuine information on this please let me know.

    Honestly I didn't put this up for a leg pull.
  8. bag I didnt for a second you knew! Alot of these urban legends float around the internet. Snopes is an amusing site that shows some of them and the current ones that are popular, I hope you didnt burn your daughters uggs! LOL!

    I personally think the story was made up by moms who are sick of buying $200 boots for kids! LOL!
  9. Roz, it's a myth, it's not true.
    Vinyl chloride isn't used for that anyhow:

    I'll close this so as not to perpetuate a rumor as we come up #1 when I googled this just now!
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