Ugg boot , when to where?

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  1. Hi, I'd like to ask about UGG .
    - do you wear UGG also in February?
    - how it can tolerate with snow and small raindrop?
    Thank you


    Thank you
  2. Here in england february is wet and cold so uggs are perfect then, if its light rain i don't mind wearing mine but for heavy rain or snow i wear hiking boots or my snow boots :smile:
  3. I've worn my leather Ugg's in snow. Suede or nappa probably not in snow.
  4. I still wear my Uggs in February because it's still cold here in the NE until about April. I only wear them in cold weather or light snow. I've never been caught in the rain in mine, but I have gotten caught in the snow and they dried perfectly fine. I've had mine for 4 years and I waterproof them every year with the Ugg spray and they still look great, with very minimal color fade.

    One of my roommates in uni had a black pair of Uggs which looked horrendous after one season. Probably due to the salt and snow from winter, most of the color faded into a weird grayish-blue color.
  5. I just got these today. They look uber cute with jeans. I got the black...not the shiny patent black but the leather matted black.


    I love them.....these are my new kicks this season.
  6. I wear mine in snow and rain pretty often. I think the key is to make sure you spray them with the UGG spray. I've been wearing Uggs for years and have never had a problem with water stains.
  7. I use the Ugg spray too. Maybe that's why I don,t get salt stains.
  8. I have worn my Uggs in the snow. I also use the Ugg spray so they look fine.