Ugg Bags...

  1. Ugg boots look nice with some clothing....does anyone like Ugg bags? I saw a couple but nothing made me fall in love :wondering
  2. i never saw one, but i sure know that i don't like ugg boots :P
  3. I have seen ugg bags before, and I am not a fan.
  4. I think they're semi cute.
  5. Uggly?
  6. I personally don't like them.
    There's always heaps {literally} of them on the clearance tables at NM and Nords.
  7. Not a fan of them. I prefer the Uggs on my feet. :yes:
  8. I think the Ugg muff is fun and cute
  9. i think some of the styles are cute (the more simplistic ones).
  10. The bags are okay but I prefer uggs on my feetsies! LOL
  11. they are alright but i won't buy them. i rather put my money into a warm pair of uggs.
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