ugg Austrailia

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  1. 30% off any one item in the handbag, outerwear, or accessories collections
    Coupon Code: UGGF&F30
    Expires: 12/16/06
  2. Thank you for posting.
  3. i was hoping it include the boot too..:crybaby:oh well i just have to pay retail then.
  4. It does include boots. I got 2 pair and free shipping on each. Had to do 2 sep orders
  5. How did you get the free shipping?
  6. I don't know how it happened, I looked at the invoice and it said -$14.95 (shipping)
  7. How cool - thanks!
  8. I just tried to buy some Roo slippers - code did not work for this item. Oh well.
  9. Tall boots are backordered until 2/17/07
  10. Looks like some of the boots have free shipping - I'm guessing the code will work on those items!
  11. I just tried to buy a pair of Ultra Short boots and got a message saying that the discount code doesn't apply to it :sad:
  12. I can't apply the code :confused1:
  13. ahhh, all this backorder stuff.. darnit. I want then for December 25!!!!!!! oh well, you can't go wrong with this price! I"m getting a couple pairs and they'll be a surprise present in February!

    oh wait, do you think the code still applies to backordered items?! :S
  14. code doesnt work on sad :sad: thanx for posting though!
  15. free shipping on orders over $160...