UGG and Nordstrom - rumor or is this true??

  1. My friend told me today that you can just take any pair of UGGs into Nordstrom, new or otherwise, say there's something wrong with them, and they will give you a new pair - no questions asked.

    Is this true or is this just some rumor going around?

    I highly doubt that Nordstrom would do this no questions asked... but that's what she told me... :confused1:
  2. Why not call them and ask
  3. Nordstrom has a pretty lax return policy, I heard they let someone return a tire one time, but I dunno about this.
  4. While this might have been true in the past, they are now tightening their return policies. If you bought Uggs at Nordstrom, though, they will likely replace them.
  5. i used to work at nordstrom and the HR people would always tell us that tire story as an example of good customer service...

    i don't work there now but i do know that all employees have the power to return anything and adjust any price via the computer. it's all really up to the employee's discretion. the only thing is... finding an employee who would be willing to do it for you (ask yourself, if I was working there, would I allow this return?)

    don't bother bringing in used uggs without a proof of purchase though.
  6. LOL I've heard this too.
  7. I've seen some nasty Uggs and it's really obvious in the sole how much they've been worn (mine are getting lopsided wear and I've seen others wear down their uggs in the same way). I think if you've barely worn them and they're uncomfortable or wrong size or wore down too fast without obvious normal wear and tear you have a chance at returning them. Otherwise you'll look kinda shady just using, abusing and returning...
  8. I had to do this once. I bought a pair of Uggs from Nordstrom and the sole separated from the leather at one point. I still had the box with the proof of purchase label Nordstrom puts on all their merchandise once you buy it so I brought them back to the store. The man went and asked their cobbler if it could be repaired and was told it could not be so I was told I could get a new pair or they would just give me my money back. I ended up getting my money back because my color and size were on back order until May (this was in December or January). I had worn the boots MANY times for at least 3-4 months. Nordstrom is great with returns. I wouldn't abuse the policy though as that's really not fair to Nordstrom or people looking for Uggs as sizes and colors of Uggs often sell out.
  9. It was a store in Alaska in the mid to late 70s. The tires were sold there with a life-time warranty against defects, before Nordstrom bought the store and coverted it to an appearel store. An elderly woman bught them just before the previous store closed and retruned them shortly after the Nordstrom store opened. Because the receipt stated life-time and the store's address the refund was honored.
  10. I've also heard that they are tightening up their return/exchange policies. Still, their CS is outstanding!
  11. i used to work in a dept store and sometimes just to get rid of people who were making a scene we would return things we knew we had never sold.
  12. Wow, great CS. :nuts:
  13. The return policy is great for the honest customers, but so many people take unfair advantage. In the end the sales associate really suffer. Not only is commission taken away, but the employees have a much harder time returning any defective items they've purchased.
  14. Nordstroms customer service is by far the best department store customer service out there!
  15. Agreed.