Ugg abuse!!!!!

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  1. Okay, so I bought my husband a pair of Ultra tall Uggs in Chestnut yesterday as a late X-mas gift. I love mine so much & I thought he would enjoy them. Anyway, in the last 24 hours, he has walked the dog in them, bathed the dog in them and cleaned the house in them....without treating them as I had advised.
    I am not trying to sound uptight but I just freaked when they were soaking wet after bathing the dogs. He told me that they are "just a pair of shoes" and didn't understand what the big deal was. Am I over reacting?
  2. Yes.
    hehe But I understand. There ought to be a law!

    Just be thankful your hubby is enjoying his new boots. My DH wouldn't be caught dead in any footwear other than his old hole-y 100-year-old stinky New Balance sneakers.
  3. ^^ ITA.

    You should be happy your DH woukd wear uggs, my SO thinks i'm crazy for wearing uggs, he calls them fugs (:tender:) and would never ever be caught dead in them..:hrmm:
  4. Guys just don't care about that kind of stuff. My BF, I treated both pairs of his Uggs before giving them to him. If I would not have treated them, then it never would have been done.
  5. yeah, guys dont really treat their shoes with care like we women do.
  6. Guys just don't get it. But I'm sure my hubby wouldn't be caught dead in Uggs. I tried to tell him how comfy they are, but, forget it. He prefers his work boots I guess.
  7. guys don't care about shoes.
  8. Aww cute! That shows he's loving his boots! Don't worry about it!
  9. At least he let you buy him a pair! DH just steals mine when he shovels the walk or is doing a quick run to the store! I've offered a million times but he won't let me buy him a pair!
    I have never treated mine and they look great still! and I have been very hard on them!
  10. I gave my huband a pair of Uggs as an early Christmas present, but one minute after I gave them to him, I sprayed them myself because I knew he never would.

    He calls them his chick boots? "Honey, have you seen wear I left my chick boots?" He looks adorable in them.
  11. wait... men wear Uggs too?? I can understand Ugg slippers, but do they really wear the tall boots?
  12. My husband does. I gave him tall Uggs to wear before and after skiing, but now he is wearing them to run errands. He wears them under his jeans. It would be icky to see a guy with his jeans tucked in.
  13. I wouldn't freak about it. Most men aren't going to treat their things as a woman would. My dh is the exact opposite. He has a shoe shine box, sneaker and leather conditioners and deodorizers, and about 50 pairs of sneakers and shoes, and they all look brand new. It's his "chick side." lol Btw, I didn't know men wore Uggs. Do they look just like the women ones? I haven't seen a man in the Philly area wearing anything remotely looking like Uggs.
  14. My husband has worn his under jeans and you can't even tell they are Uggs. They look pretty rugged I guess.
    He now loves them...matter of fact, he wears them around the house as if they were slippers. Too funny.
  15. I totally agree with La Miss, at least he's enjoying his new boots!!