UGA Student Beats Puppies to Death

  1. Hmm... I wonder if she's getting nasty messages via Facebook? Her pic is on her profile. She's UGA class of 09.


    CLARKE COUNTY, Ga. -- A 20-year-old University of Georgia student has been charged with seven counts of animal cruelty after she beat a litter of puppies to death, according to Athens police.

    Athens police said they believe Ashley Council killed the puppies and left them in a box behind a convenience store.

    According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Council worked as a lab technician at UGA’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

    Authorities said the litter of puppies -- that appeared to be between seven and eight weeks old -- were found in a box behind a store with a long pipe beside the puppies beaten bodies. Athens-Clarke County Police Detective Rebecca Taft said the puppies were covered with bruises and open wounds and she believed, “they suffered.”

    Taft also said the puppies were found huddled in a bunch.

    Council was arrested after officials traced a shipping label on the box back to her (Geez, not only cruel, but stupid!!). She was arrested Thursday and charged with seven counts of felony animal cruelty.

    A spokesman for the vet school, Tracy Giese, told the AJC Council is still employed with the hospital but does not have contact with animals.

    According to Council's Facebook Internet profile, "Animal Planet" is among her favorite shows and she belongs to a group called "Animal Rights."
  2. still employed with the hospital but does not have contact with animals.
    Are you kidding me? I just never ever ever ever understand anything having to do with animal cruelty. At the first hint of anything suspicious that girl would be fired. and jesus, reading that they were huddled together..that breaks my heart.
    I know it's horrible to wish for reciprocation, but I do.
  3. I am not going to lie, I hope someone sees her picture and gives a good beating. It would only be karma.
  4. Karma is a very powerful thing. She'll get hers. Hopefully sooner than later.
  5. I hope someone beats her NEARLY to death and leaves her to suffer for a while. I wish that someone could be me. :mad:
  6. :wtf: :crybaby:
  7. I am crying right now after reading that, so so sad and heartbreaking.:crybaby: It kills me.Those poor little puppies, God, I hope they didn't experience much pain and that they are better.
    This stupid b**** deserves to be thrown in jail for years, maybe there jail she will feel the pain that she caused to those poor helpless dogs, she deserves to be beat. She should be fired(why she wasn't in the first place is beyond my comprehension), and if she is training to be a vet she should get kicked of that school and not be able to get into another school(who would want this monster working on your animals?) and that this stays on her record for years preventing her from getting a job after years of prison. WTH is wrong with people like this.:cursing:
  8. oh god, that was HERE. what a shock, our vet school is so amazing, they regularly bring things like elephants here from the Atlanta zoo to be treated.

    i'm sure once word of this gets out, her life will NOT be pleasant. the vet students are a tight-knit bunch. they must have just released this today, this is the first i've heard of it, but i did see a news truck from Atlanta on the road here and i wondered what was going on that they'd send folks all the way out here.

    i can't believe she's still working at the hospital...
  9. I cant understand why should would do that?

    Esp if she works with and loves animals? I just dont get it.
  10. Amanda, you should start a UGA Facebook Group about this crazy girl!!!! If I could send invites to UGA people, I would start a group...
  11. ^ Someone start a group against this monster!!

    Actually, I am just as outraged at the school. Not only has she not bee expelled, she's still WORKING????????? What kind of a VET school does that?

    a more recent article - she's suspended from her job pending the completion of the investigation, she's not still working, the first article was inaccurate.

    the article gives a few more details - initially it looked like the only thing that tied her to the puppies was the box (Athens is a small college town, the vast majority of people live in apartments with open dumpsters on the property for their trash, it wouldn't be hard to pick one from a random dumpster if you needed a box) but this article indicates that she called animal control about the puppies - they were definately in her possession.

    this is just sick. this girl probably lived less than 10 minutes from me.
  13. oh, and i'm going to hold back from starting a facebook's getting pleeeeenty of coverage in Athens (and it appears in Atlanta as well - it was on the AJC's front page) and people seem appropriately outraged. i'm sure plenty of groups will be started in the next few days.
  14. The sight of this ***** sickens me.It wouldn't bother me in the least to hear that somebody had tied her to a tree and skinned her sorry ass alive.:mad:
  15. How could she do such a thing? How? :sad: