Ug, what is up with Saks. . .and fedex? I'm Sad.

  1. Ladies, I am so not happy with Saks right now. Last week I finally found my Plum Kid for an absolute STEEL. I was told they sent it on the 10th (last Thursday). So I've been waiting. . .and waiting. . .and. . .waiting:sad:. The bag was on its way from NJ, and I'm in CT, shipping should be fast right?

    I am really impatient as a general rule but I really really tried. Finally I called Saks on Wednesday night and talked to CS about who their shipping carrier was, and the standard speed they used(Fedex Ground, 1-5 days depending on distance). The guy clearly wanted to get me off the phone and was like, "just keep waiting it might take two weeks.":confused1:.

    Okay, so I was sad but I waited a little longer. Then I called the SA I had been working with when I came home from work today and watched my Fedex guy drive right past my house. I told her that I was sorry to bother her but that I wanted to make sure that she had my number in case the bag came back or something. She said, "hmmm there must be a problem because I sent it out right away last week and it should have arrived. I check it out and get back to you"

    So this is coming from a woman who rang up the bag last Wednesday(the 9th) and never called me to tell me because she lost my number.

    Ug, what is up with Saks customer service?
    I am so sad that I'm just home sulking. I couldn't even bring my self to go out with Hubby because I'm so bumbed.:crybaby:I was even planning on wearing it out tonight.

    Basically I feel like I'm not going to get this bag. . .ever.

    Anyone ever had an experience like this with Saks?
  2. Yup! My BIL ordered a Juicy charm 2 weeks before Christmas. It arrived 5 days after Christmas, but only after they overnighted and gave it to him for free. Very very horrible service on that purchase!
  3. I haven't had the best of service at Saks either. I tried ordering a topaz ZC from them last summer and was told that they may or may not be able to find me one but that I should leave my name, number and CC info with them and they would call if they found something. Well I never received a call but almost 2 weeks later I received one in the mail. I wasn't exactly thrilled no one called me before charging my card but I got over it. Then another week and a half later I received another topaz ZC in the mail... again no call. :confused1: I called to complain and they told me that they are not required to call customers before charging their card and I should be happy they found me the wallet I requested. When I asked why I received 2 wallets I was told that sometimes happens in their system and it was a price I had to pay for looking for a ZC on sale. I had to request a (rude) manager in order to be reimbursed for the shipping charges on the 2nd ZC I didn't order/want. Even then the guy acted as if he was doing me a favor. :cursing:

    Anyways, I really hope your plum Kid arrives soon. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed for you. :heart: Have they charged your card yet? Which store did you order from? **HUGS**
  4. You can always call the corporate office and let them know how their customer service is giving you the run around.
  5. geezus... i hate stories like this... what's so hard in dealing with people that want to buy things from you.... you give them what they want they give you money... it's not brain surgery...

    i hope you get your bag soon spaceyjacey... you deserve it!
  6. Saks no longer has a customer service dept. (many dept. stores no longer do). The store operators now handle customer issues and I have never EVER found them to be helpful. Fed Ex has the contract with Saks for all deliveries, so you can't even pay for UPS or some other mail option. Also, Fed Ex sub-contracts; and that causes numerous nightmares. I've had 3 packages "lost" by Fed Ex and Saks. I think they were "lost" to some Fed Ex employee considering the contents. Took more than 2 months EACH TIME to get my credit card credited. And we're talking $2000 plus EACH TIME. The irony? This is my local Saks. When I order from out of state OR online, no problems.

    Just another example of CS going down the tubes. I sincerely hope your bag arrives safely. :yes:

  7. Yes, I have! One time I ordered a Prada nylon cosmetics case from Saks in NYC. I received my box with all the make-up I had ordered... but my Prada cosmetics case wasn't inside the box. I called the SA who helped me and she just told me that she had sent it. I tried getting a hold of the manager but I was put on hold every single time I called. I too got the same sense that I was never going to get this bag
  8. Thanks folks, it always helps to know your not alone in your bag angst, LOL.:heart:

    I still have not heard back from the SA. They charged my card the day they "sent" the bag, so it's been payed for. I'm just crossing my fingers now.:sweatdrop:
  9. I've been pretty irritated with Saks recently, too!! I purchased a bag over the phone a couple of months ago, and the SA was wonderful. But, when I called almost a week later to see whether the bag had shipped yet and when it would be delivered the "customer service representative," as she refered to herself, was unbelieveably rude!! It took more than 5 phone calls over the course of two days for her to even tell me that my bag had shipped and the way that she spoke to me was unbelievable!! At one point she asked for my Saks CC number to try to find the package that way and after I read the number to her she got very huffy and told me that it was not a Saks card number. WTF??? I can see the statement online and I can see the bag charged to it!!! Anyway, once she finally did find the shipment the icing on the cake was that she couldn't tell me when it would arrive and she refused to give me the tracking number, even though she had it - she claimed that it was Saks policy not to give the tracking number!!
  10. yikes! saks customer service sounds worse and harder to deal with than eBay!
  11. No joke Superfan, at least most sellers will give you a tracking number B/C they want to cover their butts. Plus if you pay with paypal you know that most of the time the will get your address right. My SA just called and she had sent my package to the wrong apartment AND the wrong zip!!:wtf:

    My fingers are still crossed.
  12. I had the same experience with a bag coming from the NY saks. I called thier customer service dept and i wanted to know if the bag had been shipped, because i had requested 2 days delivery...and the bag was very expensive so i wanted to be home when the fedex guy leaves it on my porch as usual. She asked for my Saks card number...i read it to her as i see on the statement "honey, that is not a saks card number at all" i said well thats the number i used to purchase the bag with so wat are u trying to say?! She makes me repeat it like three times....goes and asks her manager and finally sees that my bag was shipped that day and it should be arriving in two days.
    Sometimes i wonder where they find these cust. service people.
  13. Wow, I had no idea that the "better" stores were so bad! It's pretty bad when I can say CS at Walmart is better than Saks! Yeowch!

    It really makes me wonder WHY CS at higher end stores is so bad... you'd think in this day and age, they'd strive harder to take care of their customers.

  14. That is not true. I've gotten tracking numbers from them before. My trick was to call the shipping department directly at that store and ask the shipping guy. He was more useful than the CS rep that rang in my order!