1. I was reading the thread on seeing things and wonder how many of y'all believe in UFOs and ets? I'm kind of divided on the subject. I do believe there is life out there, but since space is vast who knows if we had contact? :confused1:
  2. I really do believe in life beyond Earth, and I do believe that they make their rounds....
  3. I do believe. I mean out of all these planets that we know of...you can't tell me there is life elsewhere.

    I copied & pasted from the other thread my experience:
    I've seen a UFO before...swear! It was w/ my mom, brothers, & friends they all saw too like 10 years ago. We were driving to do errands at night & everybody on the road stopped & were watching. It was like 2 then it was 3 then they all combined into 1. It was crazy it was so bright it lit up the whole sky like day.
  4. My husband and I have seen a UFO so I believe BIG time. No joking here...we were driving home and saw a very bright light in the sky, not a star. Hovering and moving the way NO normal aircraft could move. Then there were two more...then all three shot at lightning speed out of the sky and disappeared all at once. I'll never forget it.
  5. OMG yours sounds just like mine...that's exactly how I saw it.
  6. hmm thats scary.. never seen anything like that
  7. We're not the only galaxy in the universe, so it's pretty self-centered to think that Earth is the only planet anywhere that has life on it.
  8. My Dad swears he saw one. So did his highly intelligent girlfriend. I completely believe in it. And no, its not because I watch Unsolved Mysteries too much.