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  1. It's Xmas time and I really would only bake cakes & cookies all the time, (ok, and doing some shopping)...
    but in this period a lot of sweets come into our house (panettone, chocolates, and so on) and my husband has a salt-tooth... so I can do anything uff! Or at last I've to throw them away...
  2. Why not make salty pastry with cheeses and herbs? One question, are you a Pandoro or a Panettone person? ;)
  3. Mmm Penettone!!!
    Well, I've a sweet-tooth... and an overwhelming wish of sweet-cooking...
  4. Me too! I love baking and making sweet treats. Cakes, cookies, candies. They are way more fun to make and eat. :yahoo:
  5. One of this year's hottest flavor combos is caramel + fleur de sel (aka fancy SALT). You should look around for some recipes, i bet it would satisfy both your sweet tooth and your hubby's salty one :p
  6. Send it to me, I'll eat it! :p

    Just kidding. Maybe you can give it to friends?