1. Uff, I l:heart:ve LV but I'm totally annoyed to see beautiful bags, to desire them, to have the money to buy them, and don't find them in stores and have to wait for days and days.:cursing:
    I mean, I'm fed up with this system!
  2. I completely feel you pain! :cursing: Its extremely frustrating!
    But could you imagine being at the Hermes counter lol!

  3. Then try moving over to Hermes ;)

    Anyways, it's supposed to be one of the appealing points of luxury items; the exclusivity.
  4. it drives me mad that there is so few LVs in england and the new stuff takes ages to be available on the UK web site
  5. lol ITA but dont worry it will be so worth it when you get THE bag :smile:
  6. 4 words...pomme agenda on eluxury

    I feel your pain!
  7. *Hugs* The things ppl do for a bag and then they don't even want to sell seems like?:confused1:
  8. aww, i am sorry to hear that! But on the bright note, it makes each purchase more special b/c of the wait :smile:
  9. read what my signature says...