UFC 65 on Spike TV

  1. Any UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fans out there? The fight tonight against Matt Hughes and George St. Pierre was awesome! :yahoo:I was so ecstatic when St. Pierre won the belt. Sorry I'm not a big fan or Mr. Hughes. Not feeling the whole cocky, jacka** attitude. Anyways, just wanted to express my pure joy and excitement that the welter weight division has a new and deserving champion!

    It set the stage for some great fights!
  2. ^^ OMG! I loved the fight! GSP is the man!
  3. i was so glad to hear that GSP won. someone needed to kick matt hughes bum, he is so cocky and gets underneath my skin.
  4. Excuse my ignorance but St Pierre is Canadian...and Hughes, is he by any chance deaf? DH watches all that stuff, so I keep track a little bit...
  5. Daffie - Mee too! He seems like such a sweet and humble guy. Plus he can kick some serious butt.

    mj805 - Oh matt hughes so get's under my skin. Not sure if you watched the the show the Ultimate Fighter but I couldn't stand watching him as the coach for season 2. Even watching him as a guest coach on season 3 was annoying. The funniest was when matt sera called him a penis on national television. Granted it wasn't to his face, but it was still hilarious to hear.

    Danica - Yes GSP is from Canada. Matt Hughes isn't deaf but does suffer from cronic jacka** syndrome. Farmer by day, loser by night.
  6. Blue_Butterfly- watched all three seasons and an avid fan of mma, being that my DH is a muay thai fighter and does judo, not to mention my entire family is into mma also. anyways i was so disappointed when penn lost to hughes not to long ago, but now that we have a new champion i'm so thrilled. it's about time and hughes deserved to get his a** kicked. i'm pretty sure they won't be showing that xyience commercial anymore. i'm soo excited i can talk to other ladies about this kind of stuff instead of guys.
  7. :yes: Ditto! OMG, watching the Penn and Hughes fight was heart breaking:crybaby:. I mean the first two rounds were amazing because it looked like Penn was owning Hughes, but that third was so hard to watch. My BF tells me that Penn had broken a rib and that's why he gassed out in the third. Who knows :shrugs: . But either way the welter weight division is up for some good fights! I'd love to see a rematch between GSP and Penn or even a fight between Diego Sanchez and GSP. And also looking forward to watching Vera kick Silvia's butt!
  8. I watch it sometimes, not really my thing, but my brother is always telling me about it. I did watch the one with gracie on PPV, I think it was ufc 61?
  9. Wasnt it on PPV and not spike. We watched!! I was glad Hughes got destroyed!! I really don't like him! When Hughes fought BJ Penn I wanted BJ to beat Hughes also but unfortunately that didn't happen. Hughes has unusual amount of strength but George St. Pierre proved thats not all that matters!!
    I was also upset when Hughes beat Hoyce Gracie but Gracie is old and Hughes is at his prime.
  10. ^^^Yea, I was dissapointed Gracie didn't win that one.
  11. Yup, my bad - it was on PPV. All I could think about was the fact GSP kicked Hughes butt! :yahoo: Matt Hughes is definitely a beast, but I think in the fight GSP really showed his skill and strength. Matt could not even take him down. GSP totally man-handled Hughes. Like Matt Sera said in his post fight interview after beating Chris Lidel (spelling?)...GSP is a freak! I took that as meaning he's incredibly strong, almost freakishly so.

    I did watch the fight against Gracie and it made me sad. Hoyce is a true legend, but the times have definitely changed in terms of the UFC.
  12. Matt Hughes and his buddy Rich Franklin should do some Muay Thai training together................
    They both got their butts kicked.
    Best UFC in a long time.
    Looking forward to #66 in December.
  13. i was pretty bummed when gracie lost to hughes, i mean i remember when he was in his prime and dominated the sport. do any of you watch pride or K1? they have some really good fighters also but i hate the fact that they have no regulations against steroid use.
  14. I was at the fights when Hughes beat Hoyce and Penn. I was really disappointed both times, especially with Penn. So bummed that I didn't get to go to the GSP fight because it was in Sacramento instead of LA, but I'm happy that GSP has the title now!! :yahoo: