uclaboi and any others who have done a special order.....

  1. I had talked to an SA and was told I could do a special order if I was looking for a certain color on a bag and I was pretty sure that I had read you had done one (or maybe more;)) uclaboi. How did this work out for you???? Were they pretty good on the time etc? I am seriously considering this because I really love the ferro color but wasn't sure if it was the right way to go. I'd love to hear some experiences! Thanks!!!
  2. I've inquired about special orders in the UK and was told that the mark up is usually 30% on top of the original price of the bag. They do take some time getting back to you (depending on the order) because they need to clear it with the production department in Italy. If they feel your order goes against the style of the bag, then they can refuse the order. I know someone on the forum has SO'd a ferro veneta so if that is what you were after you should be OK. The order itself can take up to 6 months after it has been approved. A 50% deposit is required. Also they usually put a gold plaque in your bag with your initials when they make the bag which is a nice touch.

    What were you thinking of ordering?????
  3. I've talked to a SA in the Hong Kong boutique and they will only mark up 10% on your SO and it takes about 3 months. It is the same that you have to put down 50% as the deposit. Hope this helps.
  4. I was seriously thinking about the veneta in ferro...probably the medium. I am waiting to hear back from BV as I inquired today about it. Initially I was given this info from the Hawaii boutique and they told me about three months. The little plaque would be cute! Thanks for the info on the deposit...that part I forgot to ask about :shame:!
  5. ^ Good luck with you SO please update us on how you go.....I'm pretty sure it will be around a 30% mark up in the US, I know another Pfrmer who recently SO'd 2 BV flap bags in old petra and ferro??? I think and she is paying 30% extra. Let me see if I can find her thread for you.
  6. Thanks for posting about your special order Bunkie! I am totally unsure now what to do....my DH thinks it is a bad idea to special order the bag sight unseen since I haven't tried on any BVs IRL. He thinks I should wait and see which bag I really love after trying them on and if nothing strikes me as far as color, THEN make my special order. :sWhat do you guys think?????
  7. Hi Olympia177

    I think your DH has a good point. It would be lovely to have the opportunity to try everything before you "special order" your bag as the Veneta comes in three sizes and you may prefer some of the other styles in real life. The ferro colour is gorgeous though and we are all waiting to see how fab Bunkie's bag looks.

  8. Bunkie, I can't wait till your ferro veneta comes in. How many more weeks?
  9. ouija board - I hope soon, I haven't really been counting, hoping that the 12 weeks they stated was the "cap." Probably one or two more months...
  10. Hi Olympia, sorry for replying just now. I have been traveling and had no internet for a week. All the ladies are correct w/ the info on SO. This is my first time doing a SO. From here's what I know:

    -about 30% markup. but it really depends. if you're seriously getting it SO, the store need to submit a quote. it takes a while to get the quote back from italy.

    -if approved and you still want it, you need to pay 50% down payment which is non-refundable.

    -it takes at least 6 weeks up to 6 months time to make it.

    I really wanted the Iron/Brass lizard material on a smaller item, so I did a special order. I would have to agree w/ your DH. Try and see the other colors. Why pay the extra 30%? If you still decide you want Ferro/Iron, you can still SO on a later date, even if the color is discontinued.
  11. If you love the ferro in a shoulder bag style, why not go for the Sloane bag, I think this style in ferro looks amazing, there are some great pics on NAP at the moment and the sloane bag has a lovely seamless design with a great slouch. Here is a link

  12. Thanks everyone for all the responses:heart:! I think I am going to wait for my trip and spend a LONG time trying on all the bags and seeing what I like....and then go from there. If I do not find anything I like as far as color goes, then I can do an SO. Glad to hear about some positive SO experiences!!! This way I know how it works if I decide I want to do that post-vacation! You guys are great!!!
  13. ^ That sounds like a very good plan. Have a great holiday and tell us more when you're back!