UCLA Student tasered

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  1. :wtf: ....
  2. :wtf: That's really wrong.
  3. I really cannot believe my eyes. I don't know what he did, but that is scary and so wrong! :sad:
  4. I'm shocked
  5. :wtf:
  6. i love how the cops keep telling the student to stand up, after they've tasered him a few times.

    helloooooo... he's partially paralyzed at this point.. so he obviously CAN'T stand up... buncha idiots. ugh.
  7. So wrong. I can't imagine the legal ramifications that could arise from this situation.
  8. the second and the third tasering were kind of uncalled for... the first not so much uncalled for, he sounded kind of out of control at the beginning of the video, and the video by no means shows the whole story, we can't see what the initial contact was over or how the subject was acting physically prior to being tased.
  9. but is it necessary to taser him AFTER he has been handcuffed? hmmm
  10. That is exactly what I was thinking! :confused1:
  11. OMG!! Poor guy!!
  12. oh my god
    this is absolutely ridiculous
    was the tasering even NECESSARY? for god's sake, you're at a university filled with bright, intelligent adults. that was so not necessary.
  13. yeah my friend and i were like, 'ok.. there are 5 armed officers and one student.. why can't they just cuff him and CARRY the guy out instead of tasering him, rendering him disabled and then demanding him to stand up when he can't, and then tasering him again, and causing a HUGE scene... '

    a lot of unnecessary things happened that night it seems.
  14. My god :sad: that's horrible!