Uchiwa toki fan question

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  1. Are there two fan types?
    I saw the inferno/paradiso fan on ebay
    and a different style fan on the tokidoki.it site.

    I have no idea if the ebay one is real or not!
  2. There is one with a yellow background and inferno characters on it (I think the back is paradiso w/ white). That one is the newer one.

    There was another one that has the inferno print on one side and the paradiso print on the other!

    I'm pretty sure the one on ebay is real.. link?
  3. the inferno/paradiso one is real. It was free with a purchase of tokidoki bags at Nordstrom last year when simone came for signing. The one on tokidoki.it is the first version of the uchiwa. And I think there's another hawaiian version uchiwa too.
  4. The uchiwa is paper, though, right? I guess it'd be more of a collector's item than something you really use... Paper uchiwas get dirty and damaged when you use them. The one on the tokidoki website is really cute though!!
  5. yea i hadn't planned on it! using it i mean, wow i'm so spacey!
  6. idk..but i gave mine to my mom :sad: lol..maybe i will stumble across another one later :sad: lol.
  7. awww that one is super cute!! They were giving it away for free at the signing here too :cry: I cant believe I totally missed that!

    But I just ordered the newer one from JapanLA yesterday :biggrin: $8.. not bad, i guess
  8. heh, i missed the free fan @ the lesportsac signing too! hahaahaahah. i got mine from japanla..i had two...gave one to my bf's sis and now the other went to my mom...jess is fanless :sad:
  9. i want some fans to decorate my room now! :P
  10. I like the older/first uchiwa with just the print on it.. but JapanLA didnt have any left :sad:

    Good luck with the fan on ebay, Socprof81
  11. aw, it's a future gift for probably my SS or myself ;) if I do purchase it, waiting for some of my things to clear and sell on ebay first!
  12. socprof- I dont use mine, its hanging on my wall and it looks super cute! what do you plan on doing with yours?

  13. hehe displaying mine as well and perhaps getting one for someone else but i dunno!
    i could see it on the wall!