Uchiwa(Fan) Question

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  1. Yikes...I can kinda see how it would bend easily...but the water stain one...now that's really bad. That couldn't have happened during shipping eh? Once I got this CC bill and it was drenched in water and it was the postal service's fault...they put it in a plastic bag and said sorry for the inconvenience........lol good thing it was just a CC bill lol.
  2. I tried ordering 2 uchiwas from tokidoki.it but they dont ship to the UK. Its a bit bad that they cant even wrap things up well enough so they dont bend. Is there anywhere else you can buy uchiwas online apart from tokidoki.it and ebay?
    Its getting hot and i realy want one or 2.
  3. Both of my fans were packaged well and arrived in new condition, so I guess I am lucky. Man, I want that pool party uchiwa with the pizza girl and the tiger girl, soooo bad!!
  4. I think the uchiwa was wet before it was shipped because the package around it didn't have water stains. I keep telling myself that I'm only going to buy stuff on ebay from powersellers and not joe blow! I seem to run into trouble with sellers with relatively low feedback scores.

    Anyway, buyer beware of the ebay seller "the_clothesline". She also sells tokidoki purses and she's from Hawaii! She's lucky I'm not a psycho and show up at her house the next time I go home!

    btw,the pool trade show stuff looks nice! I love the colors!

    Uchiwas...can't live with them, can't live without them...

    har har =)
  5. finally, a tokidoki item that i don't need: uchiwas! since everyone seems to have so much trouble with theirs, i am crossing it off my want list (which is basically everything ever made, haha)