Uchiwa(Fan) Question

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  1. I ran across an Uchiwa today, with the airline girl on one side and 3 girls on the other side, with green, pink, and black hair.

    The airline girl side looks like the fan one of the girls is holding on the citta print.

    Does anyone know if this is real or not? Thanks in advance! :nuts:
  2. i know one was given out as a promo but i don't know if it is that one or not?

    someone should know!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. is that it?
    i don't know if it is real, does anyone?
  5. This is kinda off topic but please be really careful when buying uchiwas off of ebay. I bought two, from two different sellers and both arrived with damage (they were both listed as "new"). The first one had really minor damage, it was a small tear, so I didn't take any action. The second one had a stain on it and it arrived bent. She had shipped it in a gift box and that box was way too soft to send through the mail.

    Here are some pics, the stain is more nasty in person! Oh and she's not responding to my emails. No more uchiwas for me, I'm 0-2 =(

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  6. Maybe you can place it under a stack of heavy books and leave it in the sun or somewhere hot/warm and maybe it'll flatten out...? I have no idea... but the idea totally works in the scenario in my head. *lmao*
  7. Those are so adorable!!!
  8. that looks to me as if they were damaged. I dont know how you paid for it, if the seller is ignoring you, just file a complaint and get ur money back. No one deserves to buy a used item. The one with stain is just unbelievable. i cant believe she sold it like that to you.
  9. I bought a brand new uchiwa from tokidoki.it & it too arrived bent. I'm positive it happened during shipping, they are just plastic & paper & seem fragile.
  10. true. water stain is just unacceptable though.
  11. SocProf81 - That fan is so cuuute!! Even though I'm not that big of a fan (pun intended?) of the girls.. its really cute!

    - (I LOVE your sn!! :lol:) I can see Maya's idea working!! Haha we finally have a use for those huge heavy textbooks!! :yahoo: LOL I hope it works out for you..
  12. ladybugpoop - so sorry to hear about your uchiwas! That stain does look really bad tho and it was misleading that someone would sell that and claim that it was "new" when obviously it wasn't. I hope whatever action you take works out.

    Hrmm .. people who package uchiwas for shipping should somehow package them to minimize the chance of bending. I mean it can't be that hard to do that right?
  13. i received an uchiwa for free and this tote at the pool trade show last year!

    i love it!! i want to get them all


  14. [​IMG]
  15. Oooh! I love that tote!! I'm a huge shark fan. That's one of my new dreams. To have a Toki pool :okay: