Uber Exclusive Chanel Bag to Celebrate NM 100th Anniversary!!!

  1. Here is the scoop!

    Chanel does have an exclusive bag for NM to commemorate NM's 100th Anniversary. However, only 4 bags will be available company wide. It will be a chocolate brown Jumbo Classic in crocodile retailing at $26,500.:push: It is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous. It does not say Neiman Marcus on it anywhere. It is just completely exclusive to Neiman's.

    If anyone is interested in this bad boy, contact your NM ASAP because there are only 4 in the entire company. If you need a wonderful SA, feel free to contact my SA, Lisa Hamlin at (248) 635-8442. :nuts:
  2. I wish my hubby would let me get it, but I keep thinking I could put that toward the price of a car. Although, it doesn't help that the total price of all the Chanel purses & accessories I've bought probably surpass that price alone.

    I have seen the black and the beige jumbo classic in croc in the Chanel store in Geneva, & it is truly to die for!
  3. OMG! I would kill to be able to buy this! I hope someone gets it here so we can all live vicariously through you!
  4. If I had that 26 thousand dollar purse I would be sure to keep it locked away in a nice glass case. I would love to see it though. I'm sure it is stunning!!!
  5. Any pictures?
  6. Not yet Sina!!! If they send me one, I will be sure to post it!
  7. Lets all chip in and then wear it for a month at at time :roflmfao:
  8. I saw black crocodile XL classic displayed at NM Fashion Island for few months already. It's gorgeous.
  9. Sounds amazing....:drool::drool:
  10. Chocolate croc? :drool: I hope at least one goes to a tPFer!
  11. Count me in!
  12. WOW...sounds TDF!!!!!!!!!!! :tender:
  13. That's a great idea! You know, I read about a group of women who did this with a diamond necklace. They all pitched in and had it for a month at a time.
  14. :drool: pics?
  15. WOW.

    I wanna see a pic too!