UBC the target of another 'general' threat

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    UBC the target of another 'general' threat

    Updated Tue. Feb. 5 2008 10:14 PM ET
    The same person who sent an e-mail threatening he would kill himself and others on the campus of the University of B.C. last week has sent another "general" threat, police announced Tuesday.

    But while the last threat targeted the campus's biological sciences building, prompting police to order staff and students to lock themselves in their rooms for hours, this one simply says that Wednesday will be the day that "harm" would be carried out.

    The tone of the message was similar to last week's message, which CTV reported was an e-mail threat from a man who threatened to kill himself and others in the building.
    "This particular threat was less in nature... but the individual threatened to carry out the threat he made last week," said Annie Linteau of the RCMP.

    The RCMP are mobilizing an increased police presence on campus Wednesday, and students have been told to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity.
    The campus will remain open, but the biological sciences building will close, said UBC spokesman Scott Macrae.

    Police are asking the person who sent the message to come forward and seek psychiatric help.

    Last week, police cordoned off the biological sciences building with police tape and told students in the building to lock themselves in their class rooms and stay where they were.

    The RCMP mobilized their dog teams, emergency response teams, explosive disposal units, major crime units, and sent its helicopter to hover overhead.

    After several hours, students were led outside of the building.

    CTV learned that the university administration received an e-mail from a man who threatened to kill himself and other people in the building.

    UBC responded with an e-mail of its own, warning staff in the building that police had requested a lockdown and police were on the scene.

    "Stay in your rooms," wrote David Halcovitch, the associate director of campus security. "Do not open the door for anyone except for persons who use the word ZULU. Please keep this word confidential."

    Linteau refused to confirm or deny that the e-mail had been sent under advice from the RCMP.
  2. Dear God, this is so scary! One never knows when these mad people will carry out threats like this! So worrying!