uaeyah Needs our support ..please entre

  1. i know some of u may know her because of her WONDERFUL spy bags she had been posting here every now and then..

    i know uaeyah through her great blog, i do visit it on a regular base and unfortunately last time i visited it ( few min's ago) i discovered that she's in a horrrible pain and need our support ...

    please tfp'ers she needs each single tiny support... show her who we are when one of us is in pain, i've been here since Dec 2005 and i know how do u ppl do help/support and give honest opinions ..

    This was her latest *sad* enty in her blog ..

    *******No link please****

    PS: im sorry guyz if my writings above wasnt coherent or didnt make sense but im in shock and i feel for her ...

    PS: uayah dear .. i dont know if i had done the right thing, but this was the minimum i can do 4u .. enti bnt bladi w mat'honeen 3lyh:heart:

    Chloe ...
  2. Im sorry for her pain and wish her the best.....Sending her all the support I have...:heart:

    I would also like to know if she has given you permission to put this thread up..Its extremely personal and I would hate for her to be upset by this .especially at such a trying time in her life....Please LMK...
  3. My support goes out to her as well!
  4. Prayers going up.
  5. Oh, how awful! UAEYAH, take care of yourself. Your baby will come. Hang in there. Lots of love! *BIG HUG*
  6. O I'm soo sorry, I can't imagine the pain she's in. Sending prayers and support. And my sympathy.
  7. Sorry to hear about the pain uaeyah has been going through.
  8. I give my prayers and support.
  9. I will definitely keep her in my thoughts - that must be such a hard thing to go through... I can't even imagine..
  10. OMG ... i just cant imagine the pain!..May God bless you with another baby soon.
  11. Big hugs - my prayers go out to you:flowers:
  12. My prayers are w/ you. I'm very sorry.
  13. Please extend my deepest sympathies to her and let her know she will heal and still be able to have more children.

    My cousin had to expel a child naturally that died inside of her and I saw firsthand the turmoil she went thru, but she recovered only to have a beautiful girl again who now has had a child of her own. So this pain too shall pass and she will heal, and if it's her hope to have another child, it is possible she will. My prayers are with her.
  14. Im so sorry to hear about her can only imagine the kind of pain she must be going prayers are with her for a good recovery inshalla... *hugs*
  15. My thoughts are with you uaeyah...I hope that you get better soon! :flowers: