U whoo... Wrinkle question for Epi aficionados

  1. I have a lovely Epi petit noe in the newer softer Epi leather and also some older ones with the leather a little heavier and stiffer.
    My newer one seems so prone to wrinkles, guess because of the softer leather.
    Is there anything I can do to help prevent the marks and wrinkles? :confused1:

    Thank you so much for your thoughts and input!
  2. I was wondering this too...
  3. Love to see the answer to this one. Love :heart: Love :heart: Love :heart: epi:love:
  4. Hmm..I really don't *think* there is, though I could be wrong. I'm thinking they probably changed it because the leather was a little too stiff for the style of the bag.
  5. You're probably right...

    My mandara and Noe have really had very little use and even with being super careful -- they've gotten wrinkles ...darn!
  6. My older speedy has wrinkles (from the 90s) and my newer keepall does too. I try to keep them stuffed with a towel when not used because the wrinkles seem to set in when they're just sitting around.
  7. I stuff mine with towels too ..if there's anything else you guys would suggest, Please...
    let me know :smile:
    I like them to keep there shape and wish my petit noe would wait to I really use it alot to get wrinkles.
  8. wait, is this from non use. i have an epi speedy that's sitting upright in the closet. is it going to develop wrinkles just sitting there?
  9. No, I think it is from use. My Moka speedy has wrinkles, but my new Cannelle speedy does not, nor does it seems to be prone to them. Both bags are about 4 months old and used about equally.
  10. My Speedy's 2 months old and there are 2 small wrinkles, both next to the zipper. It's probably from stuffing my things in there.
  11. Can someone posts pics of an Epi bag with wrinkles? Just curious what one looks like. :confused1:
  12. I've been on holiday (where the PF has been a good distraction :graucho: ) and when I get home will take some pics
  13. Here are my wrinkles! har har. The bottom part is the normal sag since I carry very little, but notice those two points on top? I'm not complaining though. Those weren't there when I bought the bag and the rest of it I:love:. It's still more solid-looking than my Mono Speedy.

  14. Here are some wrinkes in my speedy ... you can't really see them since they're on the back/bottom, so it doesn't bother me. ;)
  15. that's just a downfall of epi.......you don't have to worry about dirty vachetta but they do wrinkle a bit.....