"U" tag... which year is it from?!

  1. hello all~
    I just opened my second bbag box and taken her out of the box to breathe~ SHe's still new and I have not used her since I bought her and her blue glacier sister 3 weeks ago.
    This is something new I'm learning... I guess each year/collection gets tagged a letter... the blue glacier is a 2007 spring so it has a "V"...
    I'm just wondering what "U" is.... I tried the color/year reference in the library... I can't find "U"...
    I hope I don't sound stupid.... I'm just trying to educate myself... heehee
    Thanks in advance!
  2. U = Fall/Winter 2007 :smile:

    Is this the black city you had bought earlier?
  3. hi cate!
    Thanks... I looked in the F/W 2007 color reference, but I didn't see a black so I wasn't sure... just curiuos!
    Yes it is the black I had bought earlier... about 3 or maybe 4 weeks ago...
    Stil in the box... I think I'm going to take her out soon to parade it around town!
  4. Hello! :smile: Oh, maybe it hasn't been updated yet for the F/W season? :confused1:
    Enjoy your black city! She deserves to be shown off! :yes: