U say tomatoe..i say tomaaaaatoe

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  1. Oh man this is sick...you should have seen what they were doing as soon as zc was unwrapped..gawd only knows what's going on in that dustbag!!!

    panties on...

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  2. panties off!!!

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  3. oh what a match made in heaven!!!

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  4. Honestly...I never thought I'd find this d*mn zc!! Now I'm STILL hunting for the denim zc..oh the saga continues!!!
  5. OMG! it's perfection!!! :drool: wonderful! gorgeous! what a show stopping red! WOWOWOWOW!
  6. Emmy, you are the match-y-match-y queen! You put us to shame! I really need a zip clutch! I love the tomato red. Now, we just need to find you the denim!
  7. Cuuuuuuute!
  8. I've always thought Tomatoe was the best MJ red! I love it!!! Now I want to find me a Tomatoe ZC to match my Venetia. Congrats EMMY!!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  9. This picture is STUNNING! :faint:

  10. A match made in heaven!! Love the color...
  11. OMG.... it is freaking cute!!!! Congrats!!!! I looooooove the color!! :heart::love:
  12. how wonderful!!! love the matching pair! The wallet looks to be in superb condition. congrats again!!
  13. ooooh emmy, what a gorgeous matching pair, I love this color so much!
  14. Congratulations Emmy, the zc is perfect and I agree with Cheryl, tomatoe is the BEST true MJ red :drool:
  15. That is a wonderful colour