U.S. shipping to Canda?

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  1. I have a new question. A possible bidder asked how much it would be to ship to Canada, how would I find that out?
  2. Hi there,

    You can go onto USPS - The United States Postal Service (U.S. Postal Service) if you're shipping via USPS and there's a rate calculator on the website you can use to estimate your costs.

    I'm not sure - but I'd bed UPS and FedEx have rate calculators too on their websites too to help you estimate costs.
  3. i have found the usps site to be of very little help. rarely has it been helpful or right.
  4. I live in Canada and often run into U.S. eBay sellers who are reluctant to ship to Canada. Although you may have to actually go down to the post office to send a parcel, you can usually come fairly close to the actual cost by using the USPS calculator ahead of time. The key is knowing the size and/or weight of the package so you can get an accurate estimate. The sellers I've dealt with, who ship regularly to Canada, don't seem to have much problem quoting me an accurate shipping cost. After all, we're all neighbors, just across the border! I think it's much easier to ship to Canada than sending to another continent. Just a friendly tip from a neighbor to the North.
  5. I have shipped purses to Canada for just under $20. Envelopes you can send for really cheap, the starting rate is less than a dollar.
  6. Another little tip for you- What ever you do, DO NOT send it UPS,FED EX... only USPS. When we recieve packages and pay the taxes owed usps packages go through canada post and we are charged a $5 handling fee on top of our taxes. When you use a carrier they charge their own fees which start at $20 on top of the taxes owed! Alot of people do not know this untill the item shows up at their door and they have a huge bill to pay before they can get their package and then most people are mad! and may and try to come back to you for some sort of refund. Also fill out the customs form truthfully, some people will ask you to mark it as less value or as a gift.Now it is your choice to do so, and this is why they do it...As Canadians we can only import $20 cnd aprox $16 usd. with out being charged tax, and $60 cnd if it is marked gift. So your best bet is to mark the custom form Used leather good (handbag) Value $ 100.00.Then include a copy of the completed auction in the box that showes how much the winner paid, cause if customs opens it and sees a big name purse marked for $100, they may not believe it and revalue the item at what they think it's worth, then charge tax on that amount. Whew! I hope that wasn't to much to take in! and on a closing note we Canadians really do love the sellers that will ship to us, because many won't. :sad:
  7. i've shipped to Canada, and have always used USPS Global Express Mail (EMS). even though it costs more, this method provides shipping insurance up to $100 (of course you can buy more) and tracking/delivery confirmation. i don't believe Global Priority provides tracking info, but it is a bit cheaper.

    the last time i shipped to Canada, it cost me about $20 (pair of jeans, about 1 lb. package). just check the USPS website and use the shipping calculator. i think it gives a pretty good estimate if you know exactly how much the package weighs.
  8. I ship to Canada ALL THE TIME. At least 3 times a weel, and the rates on the usps.com website are dead on. I have a scale at home that weighs my packages. I put in 1 lb. 9 ozs. as the weight and mail in a Priority Mail envelope.

    The rates from NY:
    It's usually $9.50-11.50 for Global Priority Mail
    It's the cheapest, but doesn't provide insurance OR tracking.
    Airmail Parcel Post is around $14.00 and is insured up to around $65. Additional insurance can be purchased.
    EMS is around $18 and provides both tracking and insurance.