U.S. Products Others Love?

  1. My husband & I were talking about all of the products- like coffee, that americans love that are from other countries. Just interested in hearing what products that come from the U.S. that other countries LOVE!

    I said Hamburgers... I have heard so many people say they love a good ol' american burger!
  2. McDonalds! :shrugs: Hehe it's kind of sad how this is a tough question to answer. Ohh I know, music and movies!
  3. Levis! Everyone loves Levis!
  4. Ketchup. The US makes the best ketchup in the world.

    Coca-cola seems to do pretty well in some international markets, as do Marlboro Reds.
  5. Oh MY GOD so many

    Crest White Strips
    Vanilla Coke
    Cheese in a Can
    Vanilla Cherry DcPepper
    Ranch Dressing
    Ranch Chips
    Krispy Kreme's
    Taco Bell
    Boston Beans
    Kraft Mac & Cheese
    Mango's from Miami (our mango's suck)
    Gharandelli Chocci
    Denny's & IHOP
    Chilli Cheese Dogs (Johnny Rockets :drool:)

    I'm sure I'll be adding more to this one!

    I fact if anyone would like to send me a care package it would be greatly appreciated LOL!!!
  6. oooo thought of more not really products more food (yes again)

    PF chang
    Olive Garden
    Cheesecake Factory
    OOO and White Zinfandel
  7. This is so funny! I never would've thought!

    Esp... Cheese in a can?":roflmfao:

  8. ^ Yep I love cheese in a can! I went to Florida on vacation and got suck on a hurricane curfew all I had was crackers and cheese in a can AAWWW the memories..........
  9. ^^ You mean the Kraft or Cheez Whiz spray cheese? Those are fun but after awhile they get kind of gross. Lol.
    I can't answer exactly the way the OP asked the question since I AM from the U.S. lol. But I personally love the candy bars like Aero from Britain (I think that's where they're from). And also the chocolate covered honey comb from Australia (Violet Crumble)..so yummy.
  10. Clothing! I know a lot of Europeans who come here and purchase clothes at good prices in HUGE bundles! Lots of higher-end brands for a lot cheaper than they can get anywhere else.
  11. My family and I are vacationing in the US right now and we pretty much like cheap eats like: Denny's, Sizzlers, In and Outburger, Panda express (yup, its chinese food but you can only find it in the US) and La Salsa.
    For skin products, I can't live without Aveeno. And whenever I am here, I will always stock up on vitamins and other OTC medicine. God, this is the only place where I can find so many different cold medicine.
  12. Definitely Coca Cola for me :nuts:
  13. ^^me too. full-fat, red, canned coke!!
  14. When you said products, does it have to be food? I've never tried the cheese in can but it sounds yummy... :p

    How about Coach? Whenever any of my friends go to US, they will come back with loads of Coach since they are so cheap in US..! Well, at least compared to Asian countries.
  15. Mmmmmmm............Rubin............ :drool: