U.S. Price of Medium, Caviar Classic Flap (Old/Classic Chain)

  1. Hi,

    With the Canadian dollar being so strong right now, I'm trying to figure out if it's a better deal to buy in Canada or the U.S.

    Can someone tell me the current price (before taxes) in the U.S. of the medium, caviar, classic flap with the old chain?

    Many thanks.
  2. $1995
  3. does anyone know the price of lambskin classic flap? with the old chain...

    and does anyone know when chanel will increase their prices again?

  4. Thank you!
  5. I believe lambskin is an extra $100
  6. Wow that's more than I thought! The east/west is SO much cheaper!! For just $255 more, you can get a jumbo.
  7. I got an awful experience.I'm a new fan of Chanel so I had never place the order by phone I just bought them from local Chanel store but it's difficult to find attractive style .Therefore, I called to Chanel in Neiman Marcas last time and the new SA told me that it was US$2150 for the Medium Classic Flat in black caviar and I spend long time to talk with her because she is lack of experience, she had to hold on the call then got the answer from her manager for every questions I asked.I'm not living in US so I had to spend much long distance charge to talking with her, it's 45 min . She wanted to place my order;however, I thought she is untruthful
    finally, I told her I didn't want to place the order.
    Recently, I sent an email to another SA in nordstorm who told me that the price is US$1995! Oh god! She was trying to cheat me ???Anyone knows what kind of payment do they take? The SA from Neiman Marcas told me that they only take American Express for all international purchasing, is that true?
  8. I believe Neiman Marcus only accepts Amex or their own credit card, however, Nordstrom accepts all cards. And Nordstrom does international shipping too, I think it's $40. You might wish to confirm with someone who has done that before thou
  9. I feel bad for you apple6. LD call is expensive from Canada. Maybe you should try the toll-free number of the NM/Saks/etc. & have them transfer to the in-store Chanel boutique next time. However, I know the 1-800 for Chanel stand-alone boutique is not working from Canada.
  10. Wishing Well, It's better deal in U.S if you buy there & have enough quota to bring it back to Canada = w/o paying the duty+taxes. Otherwise, you could end up paying an additional ~10% duty. Another option, if you have a friend from US visiting you & he/she can bring you the bag to Canada.
  11. NOTE: The prices will increase yet again in Sept. 2007