U.S. Patent holders?

  1. Who here has a patent? Just curious!! Am attending a dinner tomorrow (for coworkers) and it got me thinking. :yes:
  2. I don't but DH holds a joint patent, as does my Dad.

    I reaaalllly want one though. It seems like all my good ideas have already been done though - a vacuum tube subway system? yup, someone already patented that.
  3. Our research group has one, which is actually a couple other people and me.
  4. My dad has a bunch because of his job, but I don't have any.
  5. My Father-in-Law has quite a few.
  6. DH has thought up a few ideas but then has found other people has patents already. I tell him we gotta keep workin on the one that will make us rich, lol.
  7. I have a joint patent. My interest is only a third and it'll probably never make any money anyway.
  8. I don't but the father of one of DH's friend has one & he has done PHENOMENALLY well. Some sort of switch that NASA uses! Yup, he's got more $$$ than God! To bad he's such a wanker!
  9. That's what keeps happening to me!!!! :wtf:
    I guess I'm not THAT smart! :roflmfao:
    I could have sworn I had a brilliant idea but obviously not THAT brilliant considering someone else had patented it years ago...but my question always is: "Where's the evidence? Where's the product? What happened to it???"