u like?

  1. Delicious!
    I like the pudding too.
  2. this is now officially a dilema lol.
  3. Dilemma? what dilemma?
    The only dilemma I see is which one to buy first.
  4. oh thats an evil evil way to look at it lol... damn!~
  5. Oh, that's lovely too. The sillouette is similar to my Kooba.

    Love that blue!!!
  6. i really wanted a blue bag for spring and summer but now i'm just thinking i want a quality timeless leather bag with slouchy huggy leather and a great style. comfortable blah blah. everyone says Kooba are great so i really am leaning in that direction :yes:
  7. botkier pudding

    botkier creme


    i must say, i like the tano's best
  8. I don't own a Tano bag, so I don't know how they are but I do LOVE that color and shape. But I will still vote for the Botkier Sasha hobo. I would pick the glass color =).
  9. ooooh....i like the tano!