U.K Ladies- Anyone seen a large black patent betty lately?

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  1. I have the small but want the large size. My SA was confident that she could track one down for me but thats looking unlikely now. I've called Chloe, Harvey Nics and Selfridges as well as cricket. Has anyone seen one in any store recently? If so please post details as I need this bag! :love:
    Many thanks in advance ladies. xx
  2. Chloe, they had one in the House of Fraser store in Guildford Surrey, but it was about 3 weeks ago. They have quite a large stock list there, and its also not the most obvious of places to look, so you may strike lucky.

    Will also keep my eyes out, and will let you know if I hear or see one :yes:
  3. im sure at some point ive seen one in selfridges manchester. harvey nics in manc has a really good selection, as does house of fraser. also you could try flannels in manchester? hope that helped! x
  4. ^^ Hanzaho, I have rang Harvey Nics in Edinburgh, Manchester and London. I also rang Selfridges. Gosh, it's exhausting telephone shopping!

    Chloe-babe- I have just rang the store in surrey and they still have it! The lady on the phone said that it's quite small though, so would you be able to remember if it was larger than the small size? She said it has the long pocket on the back and the 2 small pockets on the front,which sound like the medium/large, but I'm unsure? She said they have never had it in any larger sizes, so it must be the one you saw. It is on hold for me and I will buy it as soon as you can confirm this size issue for me (no pressure!). I would much appreciate your help with this!
  5. oh the pressure! When I went in I thought they had a small AND a large in stock, so now you have me wondering. Just had an idea, ask them to measure it now for you, and I am going to go and measure my baby betty now, and post those measurements, maybe we can know for sure that way!!!


    Width Height Depth
    11.5 7.5 5
  6. also, the price might help, as NAP had the small patent betty up for 670 so thats another way to find out what it is :biggrin:
  7. also, the small one on NAP has the 2 pockets on the front, and the same on the back, so I am really really hoping this one at House of Fraser is still the large one for you. It sure sounds like it could be :smile:

    small betty here
    Chloé Betty leather tote - NET-A-PORTER.COM
  8. ^^ I think it is the large. The woman on the phone said she would guess that it is roughly about 15" wide and 10" in height. It also has the gold hardware on the side of the top zipper which indicates to me that it is not the small. I'm gonna get it! Thank you so much for all your help, It has made me so happy as I have been wanting this bag for so long. Much karma to you!

    The woman I spoke to siad that it was the only one that they had in and it was on display so I hope it is in good condition and that the hardware is scratch free-had too many hassles like that with my paddies!!!

    Will post pics as soon as I get it. xx
  9. ahh Starlet, so happy for you!! you will have no worries about condition, as each one on the chloe stand is alarmed, and actually at arm height so to even get it down and try it, you need to ask an assistant, so it really will be in excellent condition I am sure :yes: .

    so happy for ya :nuts:
  10. ^^aww, thanks CB. I am so excited about it coming now. I cant wait to see it. Thanks again for that vital info as I may never have gotten this little beauty without your help (I didn't even think to consider House of fraser). xx
  11. CHloeStarlet - excellent. I think the larger ones are harder to find so you are very lucky to get one.


    Remember to post the pics when you get her
  12. Have you tried Liberty?? They've got loads of bettys there.