u guys have done it! tpf in mag!

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  1. well very subtley.. i picked up the new 7x7 san fran mag. and currently i have no scanner.. but i'll tell you teh gist (if it has not already been told): rememeber the fake lv denim speedy we all spotted on the mag for last month? well 7x7 is now pointing out fake and real speedy bag. and it's thank to you guys. =)

    I'll try to quote them since i don't have a scanner:
    "The minute the issue hit teh stands, the emails started pouring in: 'real lv don't have metal feet or a leather strip at teh bottom...'"

  2. LOL! We are slowing taking over :nuts:
  3. tpf members unite! that is awesome!!
  4. YAY!!! That's great news!
  5. Okay I gotta go find a copy of this!
  6. Wow. Imagine what we could do if we all united (or got POed LOL).
  7. Knowledge is power! :smartass:
  8. :supacool:
  9. Please someone post the article when you can! -- Good job tPfers!
  10. Yea we wanna see the article!
  11. I wanna see the article!! :smile: GO TPF!!!
  12. YAHOO!!

    congrats to Vlad and Megs :yahoo: :party:
  13. if someone gets the mag and can scan it, it's on page 111 i believe on the bottom right page. YOU CAN'T MISS IT!
  14. LOL YAY!!! bet that poor girl is dying in shame now OOPPPSSS
  15. that's so great! i would love to know what that girl thinks of her bag now!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.