U Girls Are Great.

  1. thank you so much for ur suggestions, opinions and care. i really feel very lucky to be part of this forum. u never get tired of my silly questions. i have always gotten a very honest response from everyone.THANKS :smile:
  2. I feel the same way!!
  3. Me too!:yes:
  4. Yes! These gals are wonderful!!
  5. Yup! Everyone on this forum is awesome!:heart: They are all so sweet and knowledgeable!!! It's nice to be able to come somewhere where everyone actually cares about which bag you get, and they can tell you all about that bag, how to clean it, and what colors it will come in, in three months!!!! This place is great!:love:
  6. When I found this forum I was so glad.... everyone here is so ready and willing to give advice and are willing to share knowledge...it's GREAT!
  7. Ditto on all comments! This is the only place I can really show off my collection - and get excited about fellow tPFers collections - b/c no one else around me really cares! I consider ya'll my friends and appreciate your support and opinions! Yeah for tPF!
  8. Same here! I spend so much time here that my family thinks that I need to go to therapy...(I get "are you on there again?????" alot!) I find everything so informative...and it is wonderful to talk with people that have the same "little":angel: addiction (obsession) as you.
  9. I agree. This place is great! Everyone is so nice and I've learned so much from you all. Thanks you!
  10. Gotta love this place.
  11. Have to agree! I have learned so much stuff here in only the two weeks I have been on here. Thanks to everyone who posts pics and comments....I am much more knowledgeable about the styles. My friends would never guess I just bought my first bag two weeks ago!;)
  12. i love all of you too!! thanks for talking and givin me advice all the time!!
  13. I agree! I've been involved in a couple of other forums and I've never seen a group who are as nice to each other as this group! Everyone always has such nice comments and advice. Keep it up girls!
  14. I agree with the rest of you! Always very helpful people here! :yahoo: